UV varnish coating ring on tin packaging is used mostly in the metal packaging industry such as beer cans, soft drink cans, milk cans. Varnish-coated products help to maintain the printing color, prevent scratches, make the product look beautiful, and at the same time overcome the errors of the product.

Polished PU ring for soft drink beer cans Two pieces beverage decorator machine
 Polished PU ring for soft drink beer cans  Two pieces beverage decorator machine


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CAOSUVIET company, specializes in equipment and spare parts rubber by specific requirements of each customer, we work in areas such as:

    Rubber equipment production;
    Rubber spare part production;
    Maintenance and repair spare parts for machinery.

Our Vision

    Quality and Environmental policy: Always perfect.
    Style: Modest to Creative
    Methodology thought: Try looking in a different way.
    Methodology competition: Make ourselves more power.


Address: Lot B2-35, street 2, Tan Dong Hiep B Industrial Zone, Di An, Binh Duong Province
Tel:(84) 274 627 1144 Fax: (84) 274 627 1155
Email: info@caosuviet.vn
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